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Previdence Behavioral Risk Management methods are setting new standards to Assess, Manage and Monitor individuals who exhibit Behavioral Risk (including suicide, violence, domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, sexual deviance and more).

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HOPE is a renewable resource

Previdence helps mental and behavioral health organization save lives, families and friends.
Using Previdence ensures that your ?High Risk? clients never get lost. They receive a higher quality of care. Success goes up. Liability goes down.

All the tools are online and easy to use. All were built upon researched industry best practices. Also easy to learn because we train too.

Efficient and consistent across your staff and providers---especially helpful for new or less experienced staff. Collaboration becomes easier, more frequent and reduces the need for face to face meetings.

Executives and managers stay connected 24/7 in real time. Know what?s going on without asking or waiting for last month's reports.

In today?s world of dwindling budgets, Previdence helps you save money---money that can help you save jobs or expand resources.

The power of the Previdence expert method cannot be duplicated in typical electronic health record software. Plus why spend the time and resources to try to develop in-house when you can begin using Previdence tomorrow for a fraction of the cost of building yourself.

Our business is helping you manage your high risk clients. That?s our specialty.

Please explore this web site and then contact us to setup a 30 minute web conference to see for yourself how Previdence can be an instant and significant improvement in your organization. (801) 892-9623 or sales@previdence.com