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The Department of Defense reported 15,260 incidents of spousal abuse in 2007 involving military personnel.


About Us: About Previdence

The Previdence Risk Management Concept was first created as a paper-based system by clinicians whose task it was to estimate and manage behavioral risk. After 15 years as a paper-based tool, Previdence harnessed the power of the computer in 2004.

Computerization allowed the Risk Model to become a total Standard of Care for an organization providing consistent workflow, empirically guided assessments, individualized management plans with resource materials, reporting and tools to help your organization become more effective and efficient in working with those in your care.

All questions used in the assessment are empirically guided and include both hints and links to the clinical references.

The powerful system is delivered online so that you can work from any computer with an internet connection (within your organization's security.) The entire system has been built with special concern for privacy, security and HIPAA. The application has been certified for use in the U.S. Army.

The Previdence Standard of Care was built with several goals in mind:
  • Increase the effectiveness of managing Behavioral Risk
  • Increase collaboration between peers
  • Connect executives with status of high risk clients
  • Save organizations money treating high risk clients
  • Reduce the legal liability
Please contact us today to learn how Previdence will help you save lives, save families and save friends.