About Previdence

Previdence is focused on saving lives, one mind at a time. This is accomplised by using evidenced-based assessments and protocols to identify and treat mental illness. Over the years Previdence has worked with schools, clinics, and government Agencies to help reduce the effects of mental illness in thousands of lives.

The initial concept of Previdence was first created by clinicians as a paper-based system to estimate and manage behavioral risk. After using the paper-based system for 15 years, it was converted to software in 2004.

Software automation allowed the Previdence tool to provide organization wide consistent workflow, diagnosis, and standard of care practices. The creation of individualized treatment management plans with custom resource materials, and reporting tools also began to help organizations become more effective in working with their patients.

In a partnership with the US Army, Previdence has helped over 180,000 soldiers in 180 locations around the world. Previdence has helped to reduce the suicide rate of soldiers that participate in the program by over 50%. Previdence has also helped make significant decreases in domestic violence and other harmful behaviors.


portrait of Kent Allen

Kent Allen

Founder and Director of Research
portrait of Mark Kendell

Mark Kendell

Chief Executive Officer


portrait of Maria Warwood

Maria Warwood

Office Manager
portrait of Jeff Heiner

Jeff Heiner

Lead Software Architect
portrait of Tyson Gibby

Tyson Gibby

Product Management/Software Engineer

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