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Previdence Clinical Assessment and Treatment Software

Saving lives, one mind at a time.

The Previdence mental health suite of technologies saves lives by providing tools to guide professional in treating mental illness. By helping to resolve this mental suffering, Previdence aids in preventing suicide, homicide, domestic violence, sexual perversions, and other tragic results of mental health disorders.

Mental Health Assessments

Previdence Mental Health Assessment Technology provides clinical assessment tools that appraise the health of an individual through evidence-based behavior correlation algorithms.

Mental Illness Identification

Previdence Mental Health Analysis Technology uses evidence-based behavior correlation algorithms to help identify mental illness and the potential harm that it may cause.

Clinical Note Automation

Previdence Note Generation technology saves you hours of work each weeek by automatically creates professional mental health notes based on the assessment results.

Behavioral Risk Identification

Previdence Risk Analysis Technology identifies the level of risk of a mental illness, using evidence-based behavior correlation algorithms.

Treatment Progress Reporting

Previdence Recovery Progress Reporting Technology provides an ideal support structure for healing by giving ongoing progress reports. This helps in moving the patient towards mental wellness in the most effective way possible.

Treatment Protocol Automation

Previdence Mental Health Treatment Protocol Generation Technology uses established treatment protocols, the latest standard-of-care practices, and your own policies to create a customized treatment plan for your patient.

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