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Previdence Risk Identification

Confident Decisions, Confident Results

Established Results

The Previdence system has been built upon a tested risk model that has been used successfully to reduce behavioral risk and treat mental illness since the mid 1990's.

It began as a paper-based system to identify suicide and sexual perversions. In 2004 the paper-based system was converted into a software toolkit. With the aid of the computer, correlative algorithm analysis was effectively used to reduce suicide in soldiers by 56% and greatly reduce homicidal ideations. In the school districts using Previdence, suicide has been greatly reduced.

Identify Risk

Previdence Assessment Technology allows a clinician to assess the mental health of an individual and identify mental illness and risky behavior using established protocols.

Measure Risk

Previdence Risk Analysis Technology allows a clinician to take "snapshots" of the risk at any time and determine the level of potential threat.

Manage Risk

Previdence builds an individualized Management/Safety plan for each patient based upon their own responses to the assessments.

Monitor Risk

Each time a snapshot is taken risk is further evaluated to continually monitoring progress of treatment.

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